Tuesday , March , 26 2019
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2019 Instructor Clinic Schedule

Instructor Clinic Friday April 12 at Mid-Ohio

Please contact Chief Instuctor Eric Meyer for more info.


Coming in 2019.  New NASA GL Instructor Development program.  1 day program of classroom and on-track role playing.  There is approx 10 hours of preparation work required prior to attending this course.  


Non-Great Lakes region Instructors are welcome to attend any Friday Instructor clinic presuming  availability.  Anyone out of region wishing to instruct in HPDE 1 is required to go through one Friday of the 2019 NASA GL Instructor Program.   Details to follow.


NASA GL Instructor Resources:


NASA Great Lakes HPDE 1 classroom presentation (full)


1/3/5 Session Review Document Sample


HPDE Quick Tech Quiz (T.B.D)

HPDE 1 classroom quick presentation and Quiz (summary version).  T.B.D.



Instructor Learning Resources:

Richmond Shreve Free Manual

Instructor Manifesto Free Download

Richmond Shreve Free Resources







NASA HPDE Instruction 2019

NASA Great Lakes region has experienced unprecedented growth this year. Due to this, we are currently and always looking to increase our Instructor base. While Instructing is not for everyone, there is enormous satisfaction to be gained from sharing knowledge, insight, and experience with new Drivers. Our objective is to have the best HPDE instructor base in the Midwest.

We are looking for experienced, talented drivers who are excellent communicators and have a focus on putting our customer’s needs first.. Current drivers with HPDE 4, TT or WTW experience, along with advanced drivers from other clubs, are encouraged to apply. The one constant is the ability to communicate and put the customer first. Interested candidates shall be able to demonstrate at least 2 years running in your organizations fastest run group and/or recent DE instruction experience? New to Instruction? We have a ½ day clinic for you. See below for more details.

NASA expects instructors to be on time to all scheduled meetings for that group. We expect our instructors to be prompt in meeting Drivers on grid and to attend and assist in HPDE Technical Inspection. We expect our instructors to be “fully present” in the car: that is, fully attentive to the student’s attitude and state of mind, sensitive to the car’s condition relative to the stresses of the event, mindful of the mission of NASA’s High Performance Driving Event, and actively promoting the development of our curriculum’s skills in a positive manner. Our instruction curriculum supports the material introduced in the classroom and is reinforced by the in-car instructor on track after each driver’s classroom training session.

Both HPDE 1 and 2 follow our Passport curriculum and support the classroom material yet still allow for some individual coaching and instruction at the end of the day. Instructors will report to either the HPDE 1 or HPDE 2 group leaders and follow their lead for on-track instruction or drills and also be notified when the instructor can freely and openly teach the student as they see fit or per your student’s request. This is likely the last session of each day but may change. Other Instructor customer oriented responsibilities include extensive use of our One Three Five document, reaching out to your student via email prior to the event and investing time in a download session after you both exit the track. It is important to note that you will coaching drivers causing “trains” to either fix them or tell them they need to move down to the previous run group. For more information on instruction in the NASA Great Lakes region please contact:


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