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NASA Great Lakes Region HPDE Instructor Program

Are you a current HPDE Instructor with another organization or a current NASA HPDE 3+ driver interested in becoming a NASA Great Lakes Instructor?  This page is for you.

NASA is a National organization with 13 regions across the USA.  The business model includes HPDE, Time-Trails and Wheel to Wheel racing.  Contrary to popular belief, our goal is not to "create racers".  We are a learning organization and our goal is to support our customers to whatever level of driving skill they aspire to.  Each for-profit region uses the same HPDE passport with specific driving concepts to support 4 run groups:  HPDE 1 (for never been on track before to little experience) to HPDE 4.  4 run groups with 4 different curriculums.  

Each region runs their own HPDE program w some slight variation and with their own unique personalization.  All regions typically have an Instructor certification program and Instructor status in one region is recognized in all other regions.  Discounts vary from region to region.  Once Instructor status is earned in one region this license is entered into the National database and other regions have visibility.  This allows an Instructor from Ohio or any other state to Instruct at a NASA event at Road Atlanta, VIR, Daytona and other tracks where NASA holds events.



Each region runs their Instructor certificaiton program differently.  Each year NASA Great Lakes holds a one day Instructor School at MId-Ohio in April.   We've been doing this since 2014 and it's always on a Friday.  Our next school with be in April, on a Friday at Mid-Ohio.  Date TBD.  The one time cost for this program is $349.  The one day program consists of various role playing scenarios both on and off track, an introduction to our HPDE 1 classroom curriculm, common, proven Instructor techniques and the actual use of customer review materials to document driver performance.  Our educational program was specifically designed to support the customer to learn and master the foundational driving concepts of road course driving quickly, safely and with fun in mind.



We think we run one of the best HPDE programs in the nation.  Yes, I just said that.  Our staff of HPDE leaders and instructors have evolved into a highly collaborative, continously improving team.  Each year we raise our bar and strive for higher levels of customer satisfaction, education, entertainment and execution.  Our current program began in 2014 and has 10 experienced group leaders, two chief instructors and we've certified over 140 in-region instructors.  HPDE 1 group leader John Santiago says it best:  "we are a learning organization".   Drivers who frequent NASA get the best HPDE education out there.  We are an educational business model and not a "just lapping" group.  Our drivers excel at the fundamentals and frequently advance up our HPDE program to become outstanding DE drivers, instructors and nationally ranked Time-Trail drivers and racers.



Every 3 years our Instructor program holds a Re-Calibration school.  This 1/2 day school (always held on a Friday) is required by all in-region instructors to maintain their instructor status , includes free lunch and 1/2 day of Friday afternoon track time.  The purpose of this re-calibration is to introduce and practice new changes to our program and to provide an opportunity for a focused refresher.



Instructor school graduates driving in HPDE 4 pay $75 per weekend event.   Time-Trail drivers and Racers pay $100.  There is no cost for an instructor Not Driving.  Free lunch in included on event weekends.



Current HPDE 3 and above drivers interested in Instructing enter the DAY 1 INSTRUCTOR DEVELOPMENT program.  Day 1 is the start of your learning and understanding of the in's and out's of becoming a NASA GL Instructor.  The Instructor Development program is your first step to becoming an instructor.  The program consists of:

  • Working w the Chief Instructors on track practicing typical scenarios you are likely to see on track.
  • Attending and listening in on NASA GL Instructor morning meetings.
  • HPDE 1 Class involvment.
  • Role Playing on and off track with instructor mentors.




SOME NASA GL Instructor Resources:

NASA Great Lakes HPDE 1 classroom presentation (full)


1/3/5 Session Review Document Sample


Instructor Learning Resources:

Richmond Shreve Free Manual

Instructor Manifesto Free Download

Richmond Shreve Free Resources

MSF Certification (not required to Instruct)