Thursday , April , 15 2021
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Online Exam Library

The following exams can be accessed and taken by any driver from any organization.  Successful completion of an exam will be noted here.  Please allow a few days after completion of this exam to become updated.  Questions or problems?  Please contact Eric Meyer @


Exam 1.  Tire Basics

Exam 2.  HPDE 3 to 4 Ultimate Speed Secrets Knowledge Exam

Exam 3.  Intro to Data Acquistion Exam (10 questions)

Exam 4.  HPDE 4+ Ultimate Speed Secrets Knowledge Exam

Exam 5.  NASA GL Instructor Manifesto Exam

Exam 6.  HPDE 4 to Comp School

Exam 7.  HPDE 4 to Time Trials (currently not available)

Exam 8.  NASA Great Lakes Region Instructor Certification/Re-certification

Exam 9.  Beginner Data Exam (40 Questions)

Exam 10  Official Competition Licensing Exam (Requires approval of Competition Director)

Exam 11  HPDE 1 Forms and Document Familiarity for New Instructors (In progress).

Exam 12  HPDE Data Education program (in progress)

Exam 13. Elective Exam for Suspension Dynamics (In progress)

Exam 14. APEX Pro Instructor Certification (in progress)

Exam 15. Introduction to HPDE 1 Lead/Follow Program

Exam 16.  HPDE Video Hand Signals (coming soon)

Exam 17.  HPDE 2 to 3 Exam (80% or better to pass) 

Exam 18.  HPDE 1 to 2 Exam