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NASA Great Lakes Team

  • General Information

  • Regional Director
    Jay Andrew

  • Chief Registrar
    Lynda Royce

  • Registrar
    Kathi Jorgensen

  • Race Director
    Mark Siggelkow

  • Chief Steward
    Lyle Royce

  • Chief Instructor
    Eric Meyer

  • Chief of Timing and Scoring
    Mac Johnson

  • Chief of Communications
    Priscilla Ohanesian

  • Chief Scrutineer
    Curtis Myers

  • Volunteer Coordinator
    Lynda Royce

  • Competition Licensing
    Lynda Royce

  • Time Trial Licensing
    Kathi Jorgensen

  • Web Manager
    Brian Sanders

Series Directors

  • 944 Spec
    Brad Raum

  • American Iron
    Jay Andrew

  • CMC
    Todd Johnston

  • FFR Challenge
    Brian Sanders

  • GTS
    Ed Baus

  • Honda Challenge
    Sam Myers

  • Performance Touring
    Sam Myers

  • Spec 3
    Michael Osborne

  • Spec E30
    Michael Osborne

  • Spec Miata
    Chris Williams

  • Spec Z
    Adam Rawski

  • Super Touring
    Jay Andrew

  • Endurance Series
    Mark Siggelkow

  • Time Trials Director
    Joe Sullivan

  • NASA-X
    Patrick McLane

  • HPDE 1/2 Leader
    Paul King

  • HPDE 3/4 Leader
    Michael Gerowitz

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