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Friday , April , 19 2024
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Competition Racing

If you are interested in wheel to wheel racing, then our competition racing program is for you. NASA has created racing programs that accommodate all sorts of popular vehicles with rules that encourage aftermarket modification. NASA has a class for almost any type of vehicle ranging from Production Sedans to Stock Cars. If you do not posses a competition license, NASA has programs that will allow you to participate in a racing school to become qualified to race. If you are currently racing with another recognized organization, NASA welcomes you to our program and accepts competition licenses from many different sanctioning bodies.


HPDE advancement HPDE 3, 4, TT, Instructor, Comp School Requirements Spreadsheet ALL

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Note on Instructing during your initial year of racing:  Those wishing to enter their rookie season of W2W racing are not eligible to Instruct during this same initial calendar year.  The commitment to your student takes priority over your racing efforts.  We have found that a racers initial year of racing requires more time and effort than most new racers understand and as such many of them have to cut their racing practice or qualifying short and in some cases miss one of these.  You are welcome to attend the Instructor clinic but cannot instruct until the next calendar year.  We recommend you prioritize one of the other for your initial Instructor or W2W racing season.

Competition School and Licensing

  • Competition School Schedule
  • What is the scope of NASA's Competition School?
  • Who can attend Competition School?
  • How do I register for Comp School?
  • What equipment do I need?
  • How should I prepare for Competition School?
  • What will we do in Comp School?
  • More Info / Forms


please contact Jay Andrew or Brian Bohlander for more info.

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Friday March 27, 2020 NCM (NCM Motorsports Park)

Friday June 19, 2020 GingerMan

Friday August 28, 2020 Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course


As of 2017 all NASA Great Lakes Competition schools will be put on by the Great Lakes Region.

Any Non NASA member that graduates from any other Competition School will be required to attend a
Great Lakes Region weekend evet in HPDE4 for evaluatio prior to attending a Great Lakes Competition Licensing school.

To provide the student with a thorough understanding of NASA's racing, safety and administrative procedures as outlined in the CCR (Club Codes and Regulations) as well as practical on-track exercises to introduce them to real-world racing situations.

Club Codes and Regulations (CCR)

Competition School is very well suited for drivers transitioning from HPDE to wheel-to-wheel racing. Students who started out in HPDE1 and have reached HPDE4 are considered experienced enough to proceed into Comp School. Some students may be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the Competition School Director based on prior experience and ability.

Competition School also serves as a great refresher for current Rookies as well as drivers with prior racing history that wish to get back into a race car and get up to speed quickly with NASA's competition format.

Go to our comp school schedule schedule on this page or go to the event registration pages and register for the Competition schoool. All forms and information will be provided.

For drivers with prior racing history:
Please review sections 13 and 14 in the Club Codes and Regulations (CCR) to determine the proper forms required.

Club Codes and Regulations (CCR)

The driver, as well as the car used in the school, must comply with all safety and other requirements as outlined in section 15 of the Club Codes and Regulations (CCR).

Club Codes and Regulations (CCR)

You must read and understand all aspects of the CCR, especially the Competition Section, prior to Competition School. Otherwise, be prepared to have a blast!

Club Codes and Regulations (CCR)

Students will review pertinent aspects of the CCR which will include detailed examples, video and open discussions. A written exam will follow. Students will spend 4-6 sessions in the driver's seat for various on-track exercises, including:

  • Defensive line entry and off-line driving
  • Driving through corners side by side
  • Passing situations in a competition environment
  • Practice starts (standing and rolling)
  • Practice sprint races with Pace car and safety vehicles

Upon successful completion of the Competition School, Students will be awarded a Certificate of Completion along with a NASA Provisional License (Rookie Permit). Now go Racing!!

If you have any unanswered questions, please contact NASA at 847-574-9090 or email

Club Codes and Regulations (CCR)

Provisional Competition License Application
Medical Examination Form


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