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Friday , June , 21 2024
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NCM Motorsports Park

Round #1

​With NASA MidAmerica and Mid South Regions

March 22,23,24, 2024
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-Competition Licensing School
-NASA test n tune

-TREC 3hour







505 Grimes Road
Bowling Green, KY 42101


Driving Groups for this event:
Competition Licensing School
HPDE 1,2,3,4(With instructors and/or Solo) Individual run groups
Time Trial (Compete against the clock)
Competition Racing (All NASA Classes)

Annual Tech Inspections: TT / Race Groups only

At track annual inspections -- $100
~ We highly recommend having an annual tech inspection done at one of our certified Tech shops prior to an event!
~ Annuals are NOT permitted for HPDE classes, only single event tech is required for HPDE Classes.

Hotel Info:Click this link for hotels at all events


Event Access:
Weekend Access - Thursday 3:00pm
Must vacate the track by 7:00 Sunday

Paddock Maps and Traffic Flow - Park perpendicular to the paddock roads.
All drivers will be required to follow the one way directions to enter and exit the track.
Speed limit is 5MPH in the paddock.


General Info

  • Registration
  • Car Numbers at the Track
  • Tech Shops
  • HPDE/TT Drivers
  • Race Drivers
  • Transponders
  • Volunteering
  • Tires

SAVE MONEY and Register EARLY!!

Registration increases by $50 TEN (10) days prior to the event and an additional $50 on day of the event.

On-Line Registration - Officially closes  Thursday at 4:30pm  prior to the event.

At Track - NASA Central/Registration. Hours can be found on the event schedule.

Questions - e-mail Registration.

Throw away the old shoe polish and blue tape!! NASA will have vinyl numbers for sale at the track. Visit NASA Central to get your numbers. We will have basic 10" vinyl numbers in BLACK and WHITE only. Numbers are $3 each, 4 digits for $10, or 6 digits for $15. Registration will also have race course outlines of the track.

You are highly encouraged to get your car pre-teched at an approved Tech Shop before the event. Follow this link for a list of Approved Tech Shops.

TT and Race Annuals will be $100 at the track. We will perform your tech at the track, but please plan to arrive early. All cars MUST be teched before going on track.

HPDE Tech is no charge at the track.

HPDE groups 1, 2, 3 & 4 will not be timed - so please do not rent a Transponder for these classes.

TT Classes WILL BE timed.

If you registered On-Line, you DO NOT need to go to NASA Central again for registration at the track.

Mandatory Driver's Meeting, see the Event Schedule for the time.

You will be given a Driving Group Specific wristbands by your group leader after your Drivers meeting.

What to do when you get to the track:
1-Arrive as early as possible!
2-Find a paddock spot. (See Paddock Map)
3-Clean out all loose items from your car.
4-Go to Tech with Helmet, Tech Form and Car.
5-Attend Drivers Meeting. (Check Schedule)

Register on-line with ALL your information, especially your transponder number. If you registered and still need to send info, sent it to: Registrar and we will update you in the computer. Take care of any transponder issues now! A $25 fee will be assessed at the track for ALL changes. If you are unsure of your registration, please see the reg-list posted above.

Mandatory Race Driver's Meeting - see event schedule as it may change from event to event.

All Race cars must have a current log book and Annual Tech Sticker to get on track.

I HAVE AN ANNUAL: Take the car's completed Annual Self-Tech form (Completed by driver/owner), Signed Log Book and Annual Tech Inspector's Tech Form to the Chief of Tech at your first event of the year. He will issue your Annual Tech Sticker. This Sticker is to be affixed to the Lowest part of the Driver's Side Windshield or on top of the main hoop for open wheel cars. (No other location is permitted)

I DO NOT HAVE AN ANNUAL: NASA is happy to perform the annual at the track, but due to the limited time in the morning, it is likely that some track time will be missed. An Annual inspection can take up to one hour for a new car. We highly recommend that you use one of the Tech Shops to get your annual completed prior to coming to the track.

At track Annual Tech process: ($100)
1-Bring a completed Annual Race Car tech form, Race car, Rae Car logbook (If you have one) to NASA Tech.
2-An NASA tech will perform the Annual and Complete an Annual Inspectors Tech Form.
3-NASA will affix the Annual Tech Sticker to the Lower Left area on your Windshield or on top of the main roll bar hoop for open top cars without a windshield.
4-The Annual inspection and sticker is valid for the entire season.

Annual Tech - Available at track, or an Approved Tech Shop.

Be sure your transponder number is correct in your user profile on By doing this, you ensure timing and scoring have the correct number when you register. If you need to change or give your number after registering, send it to the Registrar and we will update in the computer. Take care of any transponder issues now! A $25 fee will be assessed at the track for changes. Check the results after your first timed session to be sure you are being scored.

Rented: - Time Trials & Racers ONLY
You can rent a transponder from NASA, On-Line BEFORE the event, as we only have a few available. If you have rented one on-line, you can pick it up at NASA Central/Registration. Rental is $100 for the weekend.

Sign Up On-Line under "Official".

If you would like to volunteer for an event, we can find a fun exciting area for you participate in; Race Tech, HPDE Tech, Timing and Scoring, Flagger support, Grid and Pit, Registration, Customer support, etc.. Volunteers DO get closer to the action! Please don't be shy, EVERYONE is welcome!!

Sign up On-Line and contact our Volunteer Coordinator. You may also visit registration at the track for more information.

Indy Race Tire Plus will be providing tire support for this event. Contact Jeff Bishop at least 10 days prior to the event to ensure your tires can be picked up at the event.

email orders preferred! 

Or call Jeff at 317.658.8663

All tire sales must be paid for in advance with CC and their are no returns.
Trackside mounting and balancing can be paid separately at track when dropping off for service.

HOOSIER, TOYO & just about every other brand.


Track Info

  • Noise limits in the paddock
  • Camping
  • Fuel
  • Water
  • Air
  • Other Helpful Track Info
  • Facility Damage Fees
  • Sound Limit
  • Speed Limits

Race Engine hours 7:00am-9:00pm

Paddock quiet time 10:00pm-7:00am

Camping is Allowed. Tent camping is $35 and RVs are $50 for the weekend. Limited electric hook ups are available for $50/day first come first serve (purchase by calling the track).

The following fuel octanes are available for credit card purchase only: 93 unleaded which may contain up to 10% ethanol, 98 unleaded (260 GTX) which is ethanol-free (for off-road and racing applications only), 100 unleaded which may contain up to 10% ethanol, and 110 leaded which is ethanol-free (for off-road and racing applications only).


Located at the Concession stand in the center of the garages building.

Operated by the track
Hours of operation: TBA

Guard Rail: 12-foot Section - $ 200; 20-foot Section - $ 400; Damaged Uprights - $ 25; End Caps - $ 45
Oil Dry: $ 15 per Bag
Cold Fire: $ 25 per Bottle
Jersey Barrier: $ 350 each Section
Tire Bundles: $ 175 per Bundle
Styrofoam Barrier: $ 250 each Section
Brake Markers: $ 25 each Marker
Tire Belting: $4 per Foot + $100 per Hour Labor (3 people)
Apex Cones: $ 10 each Cone
Purple K Fire Extinguisher: $ 300 Recharging

Mufflers are required
103db at 50ft from the edge of the track pavement.

Pit Lane Speed Limit 35 mph

Paddock Speed Limit 5 mph


NASA Great Lakes Sponsors
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